Antique Cufflinks

Our collection of stunning antique cufflinks contains a wide range of piece which span the Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco periods, as well as including a number of more contemporary designs. Set using a host of precious metals and magnificent gemstones, our collection of cufflinks offers an assortment of wonderful styles.

Heritage Antique Jewellery is part of the Antique Jewellery Group where a vast array of rare and distinctive pieces can be found at

Antique Cufflinks
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Antique Cufflinks

Before the 17th Century, sleeves were traditionally tied using ribbons, however by the late 1600’s, ribbons were replaced with sleeve buttons. These were transformed into more ornately designed cufflinks throughout the 1700’s and were regarded as items of personal adornment rather than just practicality.  

Whether your preference of cufflinks would incorporate gemstones for a touch of colour and vibrancy, or whether you would prefer a style which is much less understated, our collection of antique cufflinks can make the perfect accessory for a range of different shirts. 

Many of our Victorian cufflinks are distinctive in style and made using different varieties of gold, rose gold being particularly popular. Our more intricately styled cufflinks, some of which are set with beautiful gemstones, display the changing designs in which these accessories were worn for decorative as well as functional purposes.