Antique Earrings

Our fabulous collection of antique earrings, spanning the Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian and Art Deco eras, set in platinum, gold and silver and encrusted with gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and more.

Heritage Antique Jewellery is part of the Antique Jewellery Group where a vast array of rare and distinctive pieces can be found at

Antique Earrings
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Antique Earrings

Here at Heritage Antique Jewellery, we have a fantastic range of antique earrings, a staple of any antique jewellery lover’s collection.

We have a great range of earring of all styles and eras which are all sure to add a little bit of extra elegance and sparkle to any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for pearls, diamonds, rubies, sapphires or any other gemstone, you’re sure to find something to suit you in our extensive range, whether as a single stone or as a combination.

Our antique earrings work well either as part of a casual outfit, a more formal dress or even as a gift for a special someone.

Our range encompasses both drop and stud earrings, with styles ranging from the classic and simple to the extravagant and intricate, so whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect antique earrings for you here at Heritage Antique Jewellery.