Antique Serpents Jewellery

Serpent jewellery was made popular during the reign of Queen Victoria after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with an engagement ring crafted into an image of a snake set with an emerald head. Queen Victoria was considered to be a very romantic and passionate monarch who regarded the snake to symbolise eternal love, making her engagement ring a particularly special emblem of everlasting love. 

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Antique Serpents Jewellery
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Antique Serpents Jewellery

Nature provided a theme which can be observed through the design of much of the jewellery worn in the Victorian era including leaves, buds, flowers, twigs and even bunches of grapes which were ornately intertwined over brooches, bracelets, rings and earrings. 

Following inspiration from Queen Victoria’s engagement ring, the majority of our serpent collection are rings, however, every item encompasses a unique style. 

From intricate detailing encompassing a range of beautiful and meaningful gems to statement pieces for a stunning visual impact, our range of serpent jewellery incorporates a variety of wonderful designs no matter your preference of jewellery.