Other Antique Finds

Encompassing an assortment of rare finds and collectables, our antique jewellery collection includes a number of unusual items which we’ve picked up during our quest for interesting antique pieces.

Heritage Antique Jewellery is part of the Antique Jewellery Group where a vast array of rare and distinctive pieces can be found at www.antiquejewellerygroup.co.uk.

Other Antique Finds
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Other Antique Finds

We’ve been lucky enough to come across an array of fantastic items during our travels meaning that we can offer an exceptional range of rare collectables. 

Our antique finds are not just restricted to conventional jewellery items, but we’ve also located an assortment of pieces; thimbles, needle cases, tooth boxes and uniquely designed pendants to name a few. 

If you’re in search of an outstanding and exclusive item either for a gift or personal keepsake, consulting our rare collection with a host of fantastic styles and pieces is sure to provide you with some valuable inspiration.