Victorian Era (1837-1900)

The Victorian period is probably regarded as being one of England’s most influential eras as this critical time gave rise to much of the technology we still use today.

This particular period also witnessed a rapid growth and the demand for luxury items increased as and the middle class become more prosperous.  

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Victorian Era (1837-1900)
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Victorian Jewellery

As much of the jewellery from the Victorian period based itself on the style of the Queen, jewellery adopted a very ornate and decorate design. Gold and gemstones deposits which were uncovered throughout Africa and America meant that gems became less sought after, as they were more accessible to the middle classes.

Lockets and pendants were particularly popular at this time and were often designed with beautiful and very intricate detailing. 

Black jewellery came into fashion following the death of Prince Albert in 1861, remaining in style until the Queen’s death in 1901.